High quality hand made knives.

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What type of steel do you use ?
I use N690, but will use any quality jnife steel on request.

Is the knives rustproof ?
No. Stainless steel is not 100% rustproof. But if you take care of the knife it will not rust.

How much does your knives cost ?
Prices start at R1450. For an lightweight hunting knife with leather sheath. It all depend on the type, size and material you require.

How long does it take for you to make a knife ?
Do want to work out how much I earn per hour ? Some knives can take a few weeks to complete other knives I can make in two days. It all depend on the back log of customer knives I am busy with.

Is you knives perfect ?

Will it last ?
Yes, if properly taken care of you will be able to pass the knife on to your grand children. See custom knife care

Does the knife carry any guarantee?
My knives are backed by my personal guarantee that it will leave my shop free from any defects in materials. In the unlikely event that your knife should fail during NORMAL use please contact me and let me know so we can arrange to for it to be returned and repaired (or replaced at my option), all you do is pay shipping.